An Argument

Sudipta Mondal
2 min readNov 20, 2021


For a week now it’s been boring to go out to cycle alone. I never did. I was always accompanied by my best friend, Sushil. But now we ended up having an argument.

A big one, at that.

It’s not like we never had any arguments before. We did. But we again became friends in a few hours or some times in a day or two. It was very rare to see us fighting. Whenever we reconciled, we would always treat each other to phuchka, egg roll, or some other snacks, on the way home from school.

But it’s been a week! A week! And still, there is no sign of us reconciling. Sushil won’t talk to me. Only the time he talked to me was after we had the argument. He came to say that he would talk to me only if I agree with his perspective, otherwise forget it.

It was always me who would try to reconcile with Sushil after every argument. It was me who always agreed to his every demand. Then why this time also I have to be the one to concede? Can’t he concede, just this once, for the sake of our friendship? We have spent so much time with each other. But now all forgotten.

Just because of an argument!

I didn’t have any friends other than Sushil. Now with him gone, I am all alone. Nothing seems to hold meaning to me. I want us to go back to being friends again. Like old times. But is there a way without both of us conceding?

As I was thinking of this, tears welled up in my eyes, blurring my view. I tried to dry my eyes, but I couldn’t. All the emotions that had welled up in me past one were coming out at that moment.

It hurts…….

It hurts to be alone.



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